Vino Godello on Lias

Nombre: Sampayolo Godello on Lias.

Variety: 100% Godello

Vineyards: This wine has been made with a selection of grapes from vineyards on the slopes of Sampaio, Seadur, Vilamartin and A Rúa (Valdeorras – Galicia). The vineyards are controlled in order to ensure the correct ripening of the fruit.

Preparation: Fermentation controlled at 17oC (63 Fahrenheit) in stainless steel tanks, where it has been traced on its own lees for a minimum of 4 months.

Tasting note: Clean and bright golden yellow with greenish flashes.

Intense aromas of ripe fruit (apple, melon, grapefruit, pear), marked vegetal notes and floral background. Powerful, mature, harmonious and long aftertaste, which lets you taste the glycerin of the work of lees.

Alcohol content: 13%.

Presentation: Boxes of 6 and 12 bottles of 75cl.

The Godello joins the panorama of high quality white vines originating in Galicia, to give rise to wines of marked aroma, great palate and balance, which are characterized by a light floral perfume not too intense, but very delicate, and by an unctuous flavor, rich in fast nuances. Like her companions, she participates in the recovery of the indigenous Galician panorama, somewhat forgotten after the phylloxera crisis when the renovation of the vineyard was committed with vines grafted onto American plants, but different from those that existed previously.

Within the current efforts to return to the traditional varietal framework, the Godello begins to emerge from oblivion to participate again in the production of the white wines of Ribeiro. Replanting is being encouraged in the region of Valdeorras. In Galicia, its area of influence extends from Rosal, in the province of Pontevedra, to Valdeorras, in the eastern part of Ourense; and can also be found a little further south in Betanzos and in the Monterey Valley specifically in Verín. In León it has some importance in the Bierzo where it is used to produce the best whites of the region, of great personality and consistency in the mouth. Even more interesting may its neighbors of Valdeorras.

Thanks to the privileged location of the region in a depression crossed by the Sil River and its good geographical and climatic conditions, an interesting future is loathed in the winemaking of whites from the Godello. These wines are characterized by their straw yellow colour with green hues and their aroma of ripe fruits; they are quite harmonious and offer a good balance between body and natural acidity. Gradually they start waking up.

It has no special preference for a specific type of terrain, but it does its best in dry soils, compared to those wetter where vigor and yields increase, with the consequent decrease in quality. Musts are obtained with good graduations, between 11 and 13 degrees (52-55 Fahrenheit), being able to reach even 14 (57 F) in the warmest areas, and with good acidity rates ranging from 5.5 to 7.5 in optimal weather conditions.  If overripening occurs, the wine loses part of its aromatic distinction.

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