Godello in Tears from Olivedo´s Benches



“Godello in Tears from Olivedo´s Benches.”

Godello 100%

Tasting notes

Freshness and intensity in equal parts, with golden flashes intertwined with straws.

Varietal aroma, nisper bone fruits, apricots, and apple.

Friendly entry into the mouth, long, very long, mineral, and strong aftertaste.

Selection of manual grapes in vineyards in vineyards in one of the best wine areas of the region.


Controlled fermentation in new French and Hungarian oak barrels, weekly pumping of lees, achieving greater unctuousness and aromatic complexity, which are slightly intermingled with the wood leaving some touch of fine confectionery.

Age of the vineyards: 25 years.

Number of bottles: 1.000

Alcohol content: 14 ºC

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