Godello in Tears from Olivedo´s Benches

It is born from the efforts of the Sampayolo family to recover one of the most impressive areas for the vineyard of Valdeorras, the olivedo area in PETÍN, where there is only sun, slate, tranquility, godello and cacti.

Between 2009 and 2011 and due to the determination, perseverance, and tenacity of my cousin José Rodríguez, (pito na rua e Rua nas Pontes), one of the areas with the best characteristics for the cultico of the vineyard was rehabilitated. With an average altitude of about 453 meters (~1490 feet) the soils with which these plots were made is composed mostly of granitic remains and slate.

The drainage of water typical of this type of soil and the distribution in the plots give the vineyard low humidity and allows naturally to control the excess production if any, thus achieving an optimal ripening of the fruit.

A small Arroyo runs among the winding mountains giving the area freshness. Without a doubt one of the best areas for growing this variety throughout Galicia.

Why Godello in Lágrimas de Los Bancales de Olivedo?

Since we have in our possession a bottle of Godello in Lágrimas de Los Bancales de Olivedo, we know that you will enjoy the finesse and elegance of this wine, with a very careful and special presentation.
It comes from a vineyard planted on terraces on a slate terrain in a place of extraordinary beauty where its dry climate is special to obtain organoleptically supreme clusters. Thus, it is common in the area to see cactus plants and other magnoliopsides more typical of desert climates. Herbicide and glyphosate free throughout their cultivation, they are hand-picked into fruit baskets of about 20 kilos (44 pounds) at the beginning of September.

In the visual phase, there’s an Intense yellow with golden notes.

At first smell, you are surrounded by a creamy feeling, with notes of bakery, that integrate us into the sensations of wood. Notes of ripe stone fruit, including dried apricot, refreshed with citrus notes, also appear.

As the wine opens up, subtle notes of elegant white flowers appear.

On the palate it has a warm attack, and very creamy because of the unctuousness provided by the lees, and the aging in wood.

The wine on the palate envelops you with the freshness, and elegance of the variety, ending with that bitter taste, typical of the godello, and that makes it stay for very long.

The aftertaste, even balsamic notes of the wood appear.

An elegant, complex wine, subtle in the nuances.

Recommended to accompany fish and rice dishes, but with enough structure to consume with soft meats.

Godello en Lágrimas de los bancales de Olivedo recognized in the top 10 Galician wines by the prestigious Decanter magazine.

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