Garnacha Vella da Chaira do Ramiriño

Wine from a single plot of Garnacha Centenaría dating back to 1908, was recovered in 2015 through a micro-patronage project involving more than 200 people from all over the world.

Years earlier, Javier Garcia, when the pruning season had ended, discovered that one of the most emblematic vineyards in the area was disappearing because of a lack of generational relief. He went into the vineyard, cleaned it and pruned it to prevent it from disappearing. He later found out who the vineyard owner was, and contacted one of the heiresses, to whom he explained what he had done and why he had done it. To the lady, Maria Moreta, had a soft spot and gave him the go-ahead to continue working.

Years later he contacted her again to explain that the vineyard needed more care, staking, fertilizing, replanting, etc … and that for this he would like her to sell it, for him to be able to undertake the investment as his own.

The heiress accepted but explained that the estate had 8 heirs derived from the hereditary politics and minifundism of Galicia.

6 months later, and with countless managements in notaries, inheritances, last wills etc… in the end the purchase could be carried out.

Meanwhile, Javier Garcia, the winemaker, proposed via the Internet, the participation in the recovery of the vineyard, through a crowdfunding platform, with the reward for helping being a box of wine that came out of that plot.

The answer to this romantic proposal could not be better, and more than 200 patrons from all over the world were involved with the proposal and the necessary funding was secured.

From there it became a cult wine thanks to the dozens of awards and mentions received, becoming an icon of our winery.

It is born from the effort of the winery to recover one of the best plots of Grenache centenary of Galicia, which like many of the small vineyards of emptied Spain, was destined to disappear.

In 2014, Spain’s first micro-patronage project was carried out for the recovery of a vineyard dating back to 1908 and supported by more than 200 patrons and collaborators.

  • Best wine from the Valdeorras Wine Fair.
  • Great Gold Wine Guide from Galicia.
  • Distinguished Gallaecia by the Association of Sommeliers of Galicia.
  • GOLD Medal for the Galician Hospitality Magazine.

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