Garnacha Tintorera

The Grenache Tintorera grape or Alicante Bouchet is a “created grape” in order to achieve a variety resistant to pests, with great color and fruit intensity. The first mention we have of it is in France in 1866 by Henri Bouschet I (who had created it in 1855) as a cross of petit Bouschet and Grenache. The petit Bouschet was a grape created by his father, Louis Bouschet. The result was to produce a grape with an intense color and a higher quality than teinturier du Cher. Some varieties of Alicante Bouschet were produced of different quality. The grapes with higher yields and easier maintenance gained popularity among French wine producers, especially in the years following the phylloxera epidemic. At the end of the 19th century there were dry Grenache plantations in Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire Valley and Alentejo (Portugal).

The Grenache grape is characteristic of certain areas of Spain. Especially from Aragon, El Priora, La Rioja and some small plantations that recovered in Bierzo, Valdeorras and Ribeira Sacra. However, it is important to say that what is meant by Grenache encompasses certain grape varieties which, although related to each other, have their own characteristics.

The main feature of which is Garnacha tintorera, whose main characteristic is that its pulp is colored, which serves to give more intensity of color to the wine. Precisely its name comes from that amount of color it provides for its colored pulp, with a lot of polyphenols inside the skin.

As for the color of the skin it is almost black blue. It is a variety sensitive to mildew and sclerosis.

These varieties are traditionally used to produce wines of high graduation and acidity and it is a grape that has as many followers as detractors. Grenache wine can be tasty and full-bodied, for those with the usual palate; or too hard, for those who have not accustomed it, so their consumption has a lot of acquired taste.

Grenache produces fruity wines with an elegant palate. It has a tendency to oxidation and has a rapid aging that can slow down with smaller kilos productions and fermentations with great maceration to improve the load of tannins and anthotians.

Garnacha tintorera Sampayolo presents a covered cherry colour, with a high robe and bloody rim. Tinted and creamy tears.

Nose of blackberries and ripe currants with hints of wild strawberries on toasted notes of toffee and cocoa friendly with the whole, round and with light spicy nuances. Slightly mineral background.

Very frank and fruity mouth, almost sweet, with hints of jams and mocha, balanced, fleshy, sweet tannin and excellent acidity. End of aftertaste of wild fruits. Medium high persistence.

Name: Garnacha tintorera Sampayolo

Variety: 100% dry cleaner

Vineyards: small mountain plots, of farms of more than 60 years rescued from abandonment.

Tasting notes: Powerful on the palate with marked tannins, ripe red fruits

Light passage through wood that integrates with the fruit expressing all the aroma and flavor of the variety.

On the nose you can see secondary aromas of red fruits, blackberries, strawberries, black plum.

Preparation: Controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks and rested in used French and American oak barrels.

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